The importance of a kitchen garden and manifold. A kitchen garden insures an inexpensive regular and handy supply of fresh vegetable contain vitamins and minerals which protect us against diseases.. kitchen garden also help us to solve our food problem. The kitchen garden could supply fresh fruits and vegetables high in nutritive value also free from toxic chemicals. Help to save expenditure on the purchase of the vegetable and fruits.Vegetables harvested from kitchen garden taste better than those purchased from the market.It is worldly wisdom that we should eat our greens. That is the way to health,and if we grow our greens,we will have health and happiness. whenever you take up any creative activity you are bound to be happy, gardening included.

kitchen garden is something along us can do and can make our own cities greenery. Samagra vikas (Society for Integrated development of people and community with an inclusive approach) encourages people to do kitchen garden . It is the garden where one can grow his/her own food ,herds, vegetable, fruits and can start to gain by growing his/her own kitchen garden. It was the great honoured for the samagra vikas to organised the seed festival in the Hatibandha village at Lathikatta Block for the kitchen garden. It was also good opportunity to have with us Brothers from Missionary of poor from Asurchhapar for the distribution of the vegetable seeds to the villagers.

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