Tree Plantation

The national festival of tree planting or Van Mahotsav is held from 1st July to 7th every year. Samagra vikas works for ecology. This year it celebrates the plantation from 1st July to 15th July.The day was inaugurated by Mr. Dilip `kumar Jena D.F.O panposh,Ms .Swadhinata Sahani and Director of Samagra vikas Sr. Manjula Bara by planting trees in the Samagra vikas campus.

The plantation is a critical process. It refers to the planting of seedlings that not only is for increasing forest cover but for ensuring that our ecosystem is intact. There are many benefits of tree plantation,such as increasing greenery,pure oxygenand climate change.Today more individuals understand the advantages of tree plantation. Individuals understand the advantages of tree plantation as their hobby. People are planting trees in their neighbours reassuring others to-do as such.

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