Sports for development for children in kalunga panchayat in lathikata block in the 2011to 2012.

It was noticed that children were neglected by parents as well as by teachers. And the result was that many children found discontinuing their studies or not completing their studies. At times they were prone to get involved in anti-social activities. Therefore, we motivated them for their studies and enable them to go to school regularly for their learning and get attracted towards studies. Samagra Vikas organized a meeting through sports for children in different wards of the Kalunga Panchayat in Sundargarh District, Odisha.

Sports for development:

The youth and children in the Sundergarh district are lacking in both recreational facilities and equipment to play sports for leisure and learning. Young people especially girls are the most vulnerable to social problems caused by idleness. A sport is a sure way to meaningfully engage and support youth in today’s rapidly changing world. Samagra Vikas has undertaken some activities for children and youth that promote the integral development of citizens, socially inclusive, and quality sports. Out-of-school youth have no sporting opportunities and are exposed to risky ventures. Thus, Samagra Vikas wishes to provide some opportunities to play for disadvantaged children and youth and help them achieve positive change in their lives. this program allows them to take part in school programs and community sports programs called sports for development.

sports are a viable and practical tool to assist in the achievement of the millennium development goals. engaged in play and sports givens children opportunities for natural self-expression, self-confidence, relief of tension, achievement, social interaction, and integration as well as for learning the spirit of solidarity and fair play. team games and play promote positive

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