Samagra Vikas (An integrated development of people and communities with an Inclusive Approach) is a social service wing of the Handmaids of Mary, St. Theresa Province.  The congregation Handmaids of Mary  founded by a Belgian Jesuit priest, Rev. Fr. Edmund Albert Joseph Harrison SJ in the year 1944 at Kesramal in Sundargarh district, State of Odisha, India.

Samagra Vikas started with the aim of realizing an inclusive approach for the development of people. This idea of an inclusive approach to the integrated development of all people took concrete shape in 2013- 2014 when it was officially registered under Society Registration Act XXI 1860. 

Since its inception, the organization has grown from strength to strength and exemplified the virtue of service to humanity by taking up health and education missions in the tribal populated areas. Inspired by the work and the selfless social service rendered by the organization, many young women have come forward voluntarily to dedicate their lives to the continuation of the good work of the organization. 


SAMAGRA VIKAS aims at a just society irrespective of caste, creed or religion in which people can analyze their needs and empower themselves with skills for sustainable development with positive human values and dignity.


 To work with vulnerable and exploited people and make them competent professionals committed to compassion, personal integrity, moderation, tolerance  and self-respect. Also facilitate the poor, women, children and disadvantaged groups to make their lives fruitful and

Achievement of the Organization

Samagra Vikas has made an attempt to play an active role in the integrated development of the Tribals with a special focus on women and girl children. In this contemporary time the gulf between haves and have not’s widening rapidly every passing day. The tribals and Dalit men and women are not only marginalized but also socially, economically and politically disabled. They, helplessly languish in the corner of our society. Therefore, Samagra Vikas assumes the role to bridge this gulf. As an organization we strive to actualize our vision of making a society which is based on the principle of socio economic and political justice. We render our service to uplift the tribal and downtrodden and enable them to join the mainstream of Indian society and make them visible and audible in the eyes and ears of Government.

We started off with research covering the entire district of Sundargarh and get acquainted with the socio-economic-political ground reality. During the research the local people were interviewed to get their perspective of development. Italian Conference, the funding partner collaborated with the organization to conduct the research.

The prevention of human trafficking project was undertaken in 2014 as pilot project. The duration of the project was of 4 months. In short duration, focus was devoted in initiating preventive measures such as alternative source of livelihood like tailoring, beauty parlor and fast food for women and girls. Samagra Vikas organized various sports for rural children. The children were encouraged to excel in the sports that they are good at. They were also enlightened as how sports could help in physical and mental development of a person.

Samagra Vikas is working in various programme and activities:-

  • Women Empowerment
  • Prevention of Human Trafficking
  • Skill development training programme
  • Sustainable development Goals
  • Human Rights
  • Adolescents
  • Ecology and Environment protection
  • Education
  • Children’s Programme
  • Health & hygiene

International days are observed

  • International Women’s Day
  • International Girl Child Day
  • World Food Day
  • Human Rights Day
  • Indigenous Day
  • Aids Day
  • Anti Human Trafficking Day
  • Environment Day